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All things fitness and beer.
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What We Do...

We live by our tagline: All Things Fitness and Beer. This means that if the event starts with a beverage, greets you at the finish line with a beverage, has you in Warrior II with a beverage, or brings the whole evening together with a frosty beer then we are here to promote it!

How We Categorize

We categorize the events based on their beer to fitness ratio. Some events will be heavy on the caloric burn while others will be more hop than trot. Visit our home page or events page to see all the events.

Hosting an event? Email us at Info@HoppdEvents.com to be listed.

How We Choose

We will partner or promote nearly any event that hits the following three criteria:

  1. Involves fitness
  2. Involves beer
  3. Benefits local

Our team originates from Cleveland and we have that CLE pride! Our outlook is that those that live in a given area that have the greatest impact on its success. So if we have an event on our list, you can count on it either buying local, benefiting local, or promoting local.

Hopp’d Events is the new name and face for the Rock N Hops Race series. Though we loved our previous name, with the removal of live music from our events and the new goal of promoting ALL events with fitness and beer, we felt a name change was the only way to make this happen. We will continue to be your source for the most fun events that involve a pint at the finish line.

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